Research Fellowship "Robust Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Robotic Mission Planning and Execution"

News 12 May 2024Job Title: PhD Student (Fully funded) Location: NATO STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, La Spezia, Italy, and Department of Information Engineering, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy Deadline for application: TBA

Online optimization and machine learning: Applications to resource allocation problems in wireless networks

Event -

meeting room DII, ground floor Via Caruso 16 Pisa  and online


FORELAB Distinguished Lecture: Digitized Health

Event - Ophir Frieder, Georgetown University (USA)

Benvenuta, Industria 5.0!

Event - Workshop annuale del progetto FoReLab - Dipartimenti di Eccellenza

People, Planet, Prosperity: Benvenuti nell'Industria del Futuro

Event - Benvenuti nell'industria del Futuro. Intervento di apertura di Giovanni Stea in occasione dell'inaugurazione del nuovo DIESSE Biotech Campus, presso DIESSE Diagnostica Senese SpA
SIGIR 2023

A mathematical model to evaluate the performance of Artificial Intelligence systems in Conversational Search

News 31 July 2023A FoReLab research paper was awarded with the Best Paper Award Honorable Mention at SIGIR 2023

Call for Interest: Position of Associate Professor in the field of Computer Engineering

News 14 July 2023The Department invites expressions of interest from qualified scholars in the field of Computer Engineering in view of the opening of a faculty position as Associate Professor, aimed at the development of the planned activities within the research topic “Trustworthy Artificial and Embodied Intelligence”.

Ripensare L'Industria del Futuro, il video della giornata di lancio del progetto FoReLab

News 30 March 2023Il video della giornata di apertura del progetto FoReLab

Con FoReLab si apre la strada a industria 5.0

News 27 March 2023Ha preso ufficialmente il via il progetto FoReLab, Future-oriented Research Laboratory, del Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione dell’Università di Pisa (DII), mirato allo sviluppo di metodologie e tecnologie abilitanti per Industria 5.0.
kickoff forelab

Ripensare L'Industria del Futuro

Event - KickOff Meeting del progetto di eccellenza FoReLab

Wireless and Flexible Optoelectronic System for In Situ Monitoring of Vaginal pH Using a Bioresorbable Fluorescence Sensor

News 20 February 2023The system consists of a biodegradable sensor and a wearable microelectronic system and was developed by the team of electronic engineers of the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa. The study on Advanced Materials Technologies

Il DII al primo posto tra i "dipartimenti di eccellenza" con il progetto FoReLab

News 28 December 2022Già proclamato "dipartimento di eccellenza" dal MIUR nel 2018, il DII vince di nuovo il bando con il progetto FoReLab, classificandosi primo nella sua area. Al dipartimento un finanziamento di oltre 11 milioni di euro