Future Networks to support the new industrial processes and emergent applications

The research activities are dedicated to the study and development of next generation networks, able to satisfy the requirements (in term of latency, reliability, security and sustainability) necessary to favor the evolution of industrial processes and emerging technologies - including immersive virtual reality, high-fidelity holographic projections, digital twins and the metaverse.

Methodologies and intelligent technological solutions are developed in the field of pervasive computational calculation, security, energy consumption, management and orchestration, integration of communication and sensing functionality, improvement of ultra-reliable low latency services, use of high frequencies in the sub-terahertz band (30 GHz – 300 GHz) and reconfigurable smart surfaces.



digital twins

Digital Twins

Our research investigates the interplay between DTs and networks under different perspectives: to replicate a network itself and to instantiate DTs in an effective and scalable fashion. Another research activity focuses on DTs of cyber-physical systems.


Industry 5.0 requires a combination of advanced security technologies and robust security protocols, as well as ongoing monitoring and risk management to detect and respond to potential threats.
Smart propagation environments

Smart propagation environments

Wireless communication environments that are optimized for signal propagation using advanced technologies such as reconfigurable surfaces
Network softwarization

Network softwarization

Network softwarization involves the use of several key technologies, including network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN)
THz communications and networks

THz communications and networks

Extremely high bandwidths, allowing for data transfer rates that are orders of magnitude faster than current wireless technologies, while guaranteeing deterministic performance in terms of reliability and latency.

Pervasive Networks

Research for a self-sustaining, intelligent network, virtually interacting with every aspect of our daily lives